Billy Superstar 1

This is the original

Once again, Billy Bass is back - as a star performer on stage!  Billy can now do four things: Tap his tail, shake his head, move the microphone, and sing the words to his songs!  He sings "Act Naturally" and "I Will Survive".  There is a knock-off version of him that looks almost exactly like the original called "Bubba Fish". I know, right? What were they thinking when they named him! The name plate of the original still says Big Mouth Billy Bass, only it's really not the original thing.  An orange knock-off version also exists.  Differences that can distinguish the two are: 1 - The original has a red button, the knock-off has a black one.  2 - The original has a golden name plate, but the knock off has a silver one.  3 - Paint jobs on singing fish can vary, but the knock-off is usually glossier than the original. 

Billy Box

The box of the original

Bubba Bass superstar 1

The knock-off

Big Mouth Billy Bass Superstar

Big Mouth Billy Bass Superstar

This is the original performing!