This fish is Travis The Singing Trout, made by Gemmy Industries after Big Mouth Billy Bass became popular. Travis is mounted on a tan colored rock plaque identical to Rocky The Singing Lobster, and Tommy the Freshwater Trout. Travis sings two hit songs: "Do Wha Diddy Diddy", and "Rock The Boat".  Some Travis Trouts are painted more glossy than others, and were made in a mold that was slightley diferent from some others. In the pictures below, you spot the differences between the two molds.Edit


1- Notice how the bottom right corner of the big top fin is more circular where it conects to the body.2- Notice that the fin that sticks out under the fish near the button is more triangular shaped compared to the other one. Those are just two os the diferences.

IMG 0616
Travis The Singing Trout

Travis The Singing Trout

Travis singing both of his songs!